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Small Animal Massage

Massage Services

Preventive and Maintenance Massage:

  • Reduce muscle tension, help joints stay limber and toned...and it feels good!
  • Reduce stress and anxiety when transitioning enviornments (from shelters to new homes, etc.)
  • Help timid animals learn to accept human touch and build confidence
  • Help puppies and kittens get used to being touched
  • Ease the stress of boarding
  • Assist in keeping animals more mobile, comfortable with daily activities and age-related conditions 


Rehabilitation and Recovery:

Whether your pet has sustained a soft-tissue injury, undergone surgery, or other medical procedures, the recovery time can be a long process.

Rehabilitation massage helps your pet's natural healing process and can compliment the treatment plan designed by your veterinarian. Massage can decrease pain and discomfort, shorten recovery time, reduce scarring and adhesions and ease the transition back to normal activity levels. 


Performance and Outdoor Enthusiasts:

Canine competitors and very active individuals need to be kept in peak condition.

Regular massage and stretching incorporated as a part of the dog's training regime can increase performance and reduce the risk of sports-related injures.  Professional, novice or amateur canines can benefit from performance massage to:

  • Increase flexibility 
  • Reduce risk of potential injury
  • Improve overall musle tone
  • Reduce recovery time between events

svc wkg 

Service and Working Dogs:

The demands on dogs such as Police K9s, Search and Rescue, Guide and Service, and Detection and Military dogs to perform constantly and at optimun levels and under sometimes extreme and stressful circumstances requires special care including regular massage treatments.  

Walking long hours on concrete, climbing over rubble, searching for drugs or explosives and working through crowds of people in tense situations is a typical day for these heros. Their jobs can result in injury and chronic physical and mental stress.  Massage can assist in injury prevention and counteract stress.

Buster senior 

Senior and Special Needs Pets:

Senior Pets:
As pets age, even some everyday activities that were once taken for granted, such as jumping in and out of the car or walking down their favorite path, may be arduous. A regular massage program can help keep your pet's joints limber, muscles toned and pain reduced from age-related issues such as arthritis.

Special Needs:
Animals who have undergone traumatic issues, such as limb aputation, adapt very well.  However, the other muscles and joints are under additional stress and tension to compensate for the missing limb.  Massage can help ease the tension in those muscles and joints and keep them healthy and flexible.

Animals who have lost their hearing or eyesight can also benefit from the effects of massage.  Gentle touch can help reduce stress and give them a sense of physical and psychological well-being.